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Winter 2006

  • Jan 7-8:
  • Jan 14-15:
  • Jan 21-22: Avalanche School
  • Jan 25: Winter Longhike trip meeting in Clubroom, 5pm
  • Jan 28-29: Winter Longhike
  • Jan 30: Intro to Telemark Skiing Trip Meeting in Clubroom, 5:00pm
  • Feb 4: Intro to Telemark Skiing (Dependent on Snow Conditions)
  • Feb 8: Intro to Backcountry Skiing Trip Meeting in Clubroom, 5pm
  • Feb 11-12: 10 people heading to Brew Hut via Roe Creek Trail on Feb 11th (the hut may be at is full capacity)
  • Feb 11-12: Intro to Backcountry Skiing
  • Feb 11-19: Reading Week' : Ski Trip and/or warm Climbing destinations (Red Rocks?)
  • Feb 25-26:

Spring 2006

  • Mar 25-26:
  • Mar 28: Exec Elections

Summer 2006

Fall 2006

  • Sep 2-4: Mountaineering Camp This year's camp will be held at Sigurd Creek in the Northern Tantalus Range
  • Sep 6: September BBQ
  • Sep 9-10: Brew Hut Cleanup Part 2: Helicopter to take out construction debris
  • Sep 16-17: Glacier school (intro level, lots of fun, limited numbers)
  • Sep 23-24: Exit 38: Climbing trip in Washington state
  • Sep 23-24: Russet Lake: see Roland's thread on the message board
  • Sep 28-Oct 1: Yosemite climbing (All levels. Hiking/top rope/sport/trad/aid/big wall)
  • Oct 6: 10am-4pm: First Annual VOC Stuff Swap One VOCer's garbage is another VOCer's treasure: Swap your long neglected gear and you may find something worth your wild.
  • Oct 7-8: Longhike Neither long nor a hike, it's an intro rock climbing school with a big party. Great time to meet new members.
  • Oct 14-15: Roe Creek Trail Workhike Trail building on the main winter access route to the Brew Hut.
  • Oct 20-22: Leavenworth Climbing trip in Washington State.
  • Oct 21: Orienteering School Learn how people used to navigate with a compass and map before the invention of GPSs
  • Oct 21: Needle Peak 16th (apparently ?) annual hiking trip on a nice granitic summit near Coquilhalla area
  • Oct 21-22: MEC Gear Swap Ever wanted to sleep on Broadway? Want really cheap gear? Come and join other VOCers in an bi-annual tradition sleepover in front of MEC Vancouver Store. Not to miss!
  • Oct 28-29: Skaha Climbing trip to Penticton, BC. VOC Okanagan may be climbing with us.
  • December 1: Winter Social VOC Social Event
  • December 4: 2nd Annual Jared Stanley Memorial Mountain Safety Lecture at UBC. "Developments in Avalanche Research and Backcountry Travel Preparedness" - A lecture given by Chris Borstad, a PhD Student in the UBC Avalanche group, WHEN: 6:00pm, WHERE: Geography room 100, 1984 West Mall
  • December 11 - 14: Ski Trip to the Brian Waddington Hut
  • December 16 - 19: Ski Trip to the Brew Hut
  • December 28 - January 1: Snowdomia Also see the snowdomia thread on the message board
  • December 28 - January 1: Ski Trip to Lizzy Creek
  • December 29 - January 2: Ski Trip to Phelix Creek