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Brandywine Meadows, Icy Roads, Beautiful Sunshine and Cold Hands

We went to Brandywine ! wohooo. We thought, oh well its shoulder season we are going to make it up there and it will all be smooth. We started at around 7am for the pickups and made it up North … Continue reading

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Phelix Road Brushing Workhike

This was a short workhike on the weekend of Nov 11, 2017. Our crew was Jodie Nowell, Tom Curran, Cassandra Elphinstone, Fabian Frank, and myself (Martin Carnogursky). We drove up early on Saturday morning. The road had patchy snow starting … Continue reading

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From Squamish to Vancouver: packrafting the Indian way

Getting dropped off in the middle of nowhere, early in the morning. Waving goodbye and turning around, looking ahead into the unknown. This is my favorite type of start, an omen to the best kind of adventures. This one, as … Continue reading

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Will run for pulled pork: 3rd Annual Harvest Hustle & Post Run Feast

The 3rd Annual Harvest Hustle was a throw back to the inaugural event. In other words – rainy, wet, and totally typical of Vancouver. I spent the entire week leading up to the run checking the weather forecast and silently … Continue reading

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Iron Chef at Brew Hut

The snow stared falling about half way up the logging road, as we snuggled in the back of the car. After arriving at the trail head, we leisurely hiked to Brew Hut, making it there in less than three hours. … Continue reading

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Snowspider Hut via Twin One FSR

The Plan: I decided it might be “interesting” to visit the Snowspider Hut. There are several ways to get to it; none of them include a trail. The Twin One FSR approach looked like we might drive to within 2 … Continue reading

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Friendsgiving day hike: Golden Ears Canyon

This is a day hike trip led by Esther Li. The highlight of the whole hiking trip was that she brought her cat hiking with her! On Monday morning, we all met at Kingsgate Mall. The drive to Golden Ears … Continue reading

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Panorama Ridge/Garibaldi Lake/Black Tusk Thanksgiving Hike (because we had to!)

After Wednesday’s outstanding pre-meeting (great slideshow Rosie!), the drivers (Christian, Jacob and I) made secret contacts to decide which car should arrive late on Saturday. Jacob was very excited about the job and worked hard on a very credible story … Continue reading

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Brilliant Larches and Cheeky Birds in Manning Park

The best part of this VOC trip to EC Manning Provincial Park is that besides the main goal (getting to the top of Frosty Mountain), we also wanted to see the magnificent Alpine Larch trees that characterize Canadien autumns. Once … Continue reading

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Trip vignette: back to Lizzie

VOC-types do lots of trips, but there aren’t many trip reports because confused people think trip reports need to be intense or novel. This is why I am (probably re-) introducing the “trip vignette:” a short highlights-and-jokes trip report that … Continue reading

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