dedededede de do…Brew new years

Photo: Evgeny Sorkin

Ignacio, Pascale, Evgeny and Murray,

Skinned up to Brew hut, but not in a hurry,

In blurry fog with a slurry of flurries,

We arrived by 3:00 and made salmon curry,

Photo: Murray Down






Photo: Murray Down





Around about 7:00 we were joined by five lads,

On snowshoes and skate shoes was all that they had,

They also brought six bottles of fireball,

And strongbow and somehow they finished it all,

Next morning a whiteout and bitter cold squall,

Enveloped us like a big ping pong ball,

Visibility was nil in this ill gale,

So we accompanied the other party to the trail,

We returned to the warm hut to have lunch,

Then the weather got better, as per our hunch,

Photo: Murray Down


We went for a ski, but no gnar slopes were tried,

For the avalanche rating was still kind of high,

We examined the snow pack, we prodded and poked,

Then had a nice run down a mellow slope,

Photo: Murray Down

Ignacio. Photo: Murray Down





Pascale. Photo: Evgeny Sorkin


















Day three was a beauty, where to begin,

I think I’ll need surgery to remove this grin,

We cautiously explored to the Southeast and

Skied yo yo runs all day, on soft snow we feasted,

Pascale. Photo Evgeny Sorkin












We carved graceful lines through thinly spaced trees,

Ignacio. Photo: Evgeny Sorkin

Enjoyed brief sunshine and a pause in the breeze,

Dinner was fine with Havarti cheese,

We sang songbook lines and rested our knees,

Simon and Garfunkel, Bob Marley and Beatles,

Stayed warm by the wood stove, no cold pins and needles,

We drank schnapps and traded weird stories and riddles,

Played harmonica, this hut needs a fiddle,

Now it’s 2012, the start, not the middle,

Take dreams off the shelf and go big, don’t go little.


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5 Responses to dedededede de do…Brew new years

  1. Evgeny Sorkin says:

    Awesome poem! More photos are here

  2. Spencer Rasmussen says:

    Awesome. Murray, you’re always writing TRs from now on.

  3. Roland Burton says:

    Long ago it was required that each winter holiday trip compose and sing a song concerning their adventures. Some of these survive in the VOC Journal, so you can look them up if you like. This one, profusely illustrated, fits the tradition very well.

  4. Pascale Cometto says:

    This is brilliant Murrray! Great style!

  5. Skyler Des Roches says:

    “I think I’ll need surgery to remove this grin”

    What an awesome line! Destined to become a classic expression. Powder seems to have this effect on many people. Brilliant poem/trip report.

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