Trip to Mt. Harvey

Trip to Mt. Harvey


Early morning of the 11th of February my alarm rang and I woke up exited about my first VOC Trip. The plan was to meet at the foot of Mt. Harvey environmentally 200 meters above sea level at 8 am. Marc picked me up at 7 am and soon all three carloads of people were ready to start our hike up to the peak around 1600 meters high. We followed the logging road for a while, then the very steep Harvey trail started. As soon as there was enough snow some more experienced people explained complete beginners like me how to use an ice ax. Surprisingly to me, the main reason to have such an ice ax is to be able to stop, when your sliding down a hill very fast, which you actually don’t want to slide down very fast. However they also look cool ;-)

Time passed quickly and soon we arrived at the beginning of the ridge going up to the peak. We made sure that our avy kits were on and the beautiful part of the trail began. It still was foggy but it was getting brighter and brighter and we all were hoping for a nice inversion on the peak. I really enjoyed walking in this winter scenery, the trees with their frozen branches looked amazing. Arriving on the peak the view still wasn’t clear, but soon when starting going back we got rewarded with some blue sky and wonderful glimpses into the clouds.




Back at the steep part of the trail, an additional funpart began: Sliding down on your butt and trying not to bump into trees :-)

Four of us (me included) lost the trail at some point, but it didn’t take us too long to get back to the rest of the group. We all arrived save back at the logging road shortly before it started getting dark.

Thanks a lot to all the drivers and especially thanks to Chris, who made a perfect trip organization!

Finally we enjoyed diner in an Indian restaurant, reviewing this great day.


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