Ski Red Heather – Nov 23

Last weekend a group of 8 VOCers headed up to Red Heather to get in some turns and in the words of Alfred ‘it was easily the best skiing of the season so far’. Two all star drivers, Kasia and Chai drove us to the access road above Quest and we took a stab at parking at the upper parking lot, but were forced to turn around when we hit the snow line and ended up parking at the lower lot. There was some confusion in the parking lot as I had borrowed some AT bindings from a roommate, and I was promptly encouraged to go home by the rest of the all-tele crew. Eventually they consented that I could still join them on the trip despite the need for the liberation of my heel. We were able to skin once we hit the upper lot and were soon making progress toward our goal.

There was some steady rain which then turned to flurries and finally quit all together, which was much better for the overall stoke levels.

We got to the warming hut at red heather and took stock of everyone’s status before heading up a little higher into the meadows to try to get some turns. Chai stayed back and made an epic attempt at making chocolate mousse. There was for sure enough snow up there to ski, but the fact that it was mega heavy made turning pretty hard. We basically straight-lined to avoid sinking until we met back up with the skin track and bombed down.

I witnessed some very solid attempts at proper tele turns, which was great to see.

After having Chai’s chocolate fondue in the hut, we all headed out and saw a great sunset from the lookout on the logging road with views of the Chief, Howe Sound and as far as Vancouver Island. Totally worthwhile trip to play in the snow and warm up for proper ski season, I thoroughly enjoyed myself and I heard from friends at Whistler that the conditions there were awful so I don’t think we missed out on much.

Photos by Toby and Kasia:


Relaxing in the Red Heather Hut


Alfred skiing in his typical style


Getting Ready to Go


Kasia Getting Skins On

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