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Stolen spoons on Currie to Blackcomb

Photos by Lauren Vis. Spring traverses are absolutely my favorite type of skiing, but I’ve been working on the ‘why’. After all, the snow is usually awful, the pack is usually heavy, and you usually go sideways more than down. The … Continue reading

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Sphinx Bay Easter Egg Hunt

I rounded up a few older VOCers for an easter trip to Sphinx Bay. I had never been for an extended stay and was so happy to have some nice friends to explore the area with! We packed 4 into … Continue reading

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Explores in Rogers Pass featuring 3 huts, friendly birds, rivers

A friend, Rob, had booked some spots the AO wheeler hut for the first week of Apr. I’ve never been to Rogers Pass in the winter and so I jumped on the trip. The week before, two of Robs friends … Continue reading

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Cycle Touring the Hebrides – Neil Mackenzie Adventure Grant 2016

Mike With excitement, we landed in Glasgow and watched the baggage coming off the plane. We saw being unloaded two half destroyed bike boxes, our bike boxes, which we had last seen looking in much fresher in Vancouver. Layovers in … Continue reading

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Ski Red Heather – Nov 23

Last weekend a group of 8 VOCers headed up to Red Heather to get in some turns and in the words of Alfred ‘it was easily the best skiing of the season so far’. Two all star drivers, Kasia and … Continue reading

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Khyber Pass (BC) via Mountain Bike – Summer “Slack” Country

The Khyber Pass connects Afghanistan, Pakistan and India and, being part of the silk road, is one of the oldest known passes in the world. This trip didn’t take place in that pass. The Khyber Pass (in Whistler) is an … Continue reading

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Skaha long weekend and the little red outback that could

Last easter weekend Jens organized a beginner climbing trip to Skaha to show all us newbies the ropes (yeah I said it). I am super grateful to Jens and Sam for taking the time to do this. I know everyone … Continue reading

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Tropical Snowshoe/Ski Trip to Elfin Lakes Resort

Day 1 After partying relatively moderately the night before at the final hurrah of the Waldorf hotel I was a little saddened by my alarm going off at 6 to cue the beginnings of the Elfin Lakes Snowshoe Trip. Also, … Continue reading

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