Mt Fromme – Mountain Bike – Train & Play

A medium sized group of ridiculously good looking people set off to take their training wheels off and give Mt. Fromme a shot.

Unfortunately I failed hard and didn’t get any pictures of anything that happened before our lunch break…my bad.

Of notable mentions were:

1. Anne’s unfortunate endo, resulting in her MIA 15-20 mins into the trip :(

2. Alex’s RIDICULOUS recovery after taking on the mid level ladder drop off on Bobsled.

3. FAFFING…lots of faffing.

4. Justin’s sweet ass bail (also captured in video ;))

So let me explain the 2nd half of the trip in the form of interpretative pictures…

Video’s ¬†of people trying some features can be found here:


Climbing up the road towards Espresso


Oh look and Anne joined us with some excellent trail running!


Mar-Seen with the clipless


Justin following closely behind


Kevin tackling the rock drop


An unexpected injury at Baden Powell



And here are some pictures of the group!


Takin in the shade.


Oh and Monica was off somewhere so I had to get her in a selfie of course. Look at that color coordination, bang on.





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