Mt. Rohrrrrrr

Date: August 15-16

Location: Rohr Lake – Pemberton – BC

FAFF Rating: Extreme

Ain’t nobody got time for novels, so let me simply summarize the trip through a series of thought provoking images.


Everybody packed and ready to go.


It was raining, but we all had a smile on our faces :D

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It was a bit of a hike to get up there…


But we made it to the top and set up shop



There was some sunlight on the horizonĀ and we ran towards it like majestic unicorns.


And then it was night-time, but we all know how to enjoy ourselves and armed with Cider, Craft Beer, and little bit of backcountry club lighting!


In the wee hours of the morning, on a bright sunny day we had a tentative pre-mini trip meeting then set off to tackle Mt. Rohr!


Up we went and we had a few lovely things to see along the way….

IMG_20150816_11123311145103_10153065862442960_687103992218256850_o DSC01173


The view from the top was pretty amazing

PANO_20150816_121241 PANO_20150816_125859


Meanwhile back at base camp, one of our own decided to try their hand at fishing! Boy oh boy did they catch a lot of fish, unfortunately their phone set on fire so they were unable to prove it with pictures. But hey, they found a can of beer in the talus slope.


At the end of the hike, a few brave souls decided to tackle the glacial fed lake

11145208_10206391460919344_3342821642590694407_o 20684879045_f605f28eac_z

A few girls even decided to do their own thing and jump in naked.


Here are some pictures of people that are really really ridiculously good looking

11894649_10153065959992960_8684436809310688596_o team slefie

And of course, this whole thing would not have been possible without our Brave Leader and Organizer: Thea Rodgers. She didn’t even need to go up that boulder field, she just moved the boulders out of the way, look at those guns.


Sorry for the long post, here’ s a picture of a Amanita Muscaria Maggie thought was a …”large berry”.


Photo Creds – Birgit, Chrisel, Min, Nikhil and whoever else I had to stalk on facebook, google drive, and flikr to get these photos.

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3 Responses to Mt. Rohrrrrrr

  1. Thea Rodgers says:

    Ha! Thanks for the trip report Kevin! Too bad we didn’t get to see those amazing fish! Also that paint drawing is spot on – tastefully illustrated.

    Kudos for being our designated long drive story-teller and for cranking Hakuna Matata in times of need. You forgot to mention the part where I got lost about 3 times on my own trip?! Ah well, next time I’ll actually bring my directions. Or try not to get distracted by Bitchin road signs in Mount Currie. ;)

  2. Thea Rodgers says:

    Thanks to all who came out for an awesome trip, despite a few droplets from the sky! :D

  3. Kevin Woo says:

    Oh haha I left that part out in order to preserve your credibility as an organizer….:P

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