Hawaiian Hollyburn Snowshoe

On Saturday February 25th 15 keen VOCers headed to Hollyburn for some beginner friendly snowshoeing. Even though the spring and summer isn’t in sight and it’s mid winter we were all ready for the beach and everybody brought warm Hawaiian vibes with them. The sun was shining and I was hoping for some good views higher up at the mountain top. Unfortunately, the clouds thickened and the expected views of Vancouver and the sea was lost, instead we got scenic clouds forming around the mountain peaks. The hike up was a nice and short one and it took us about an hour only to reach the top. After we reached the top, we gazed at the views for a short time, and soon all had a snack. Brynn and Ainsley held the prizing ceremony to designate the person with the most Hawaiian vibes and Andrew won the award with an Hawaiian leis and a authentic Hawaiian Hat. Congratulations to Andrew!

Photo: Ainsley MacDougall



Photo: Ainsley MacDougall

After some snack and price ceremony it was time for heading back down. Some of us slided on our bumps more or less half the way down. It was loads of fun and a nice way of enjoying the climb, we all had made!

Photo: Ainsley MacDougall

After a snowy and fun slide and walk down we reached the trailhead and I was shocked how even faster the way down felt, must have been for all the sliding. The whole day was a great experience and for my first VOC trip I want to give a big thank you to Brynn and Ainsley for organizing the hike and for the great theme idea!


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  1. Ainsley MacDougall says:

    Thanks for the awesome trip report Martin! Glad you enjoyed the theme + hike :)

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