Brew Hut, with Drone August 26

Executive Summary: Four of us went up to VOC’s Brew Hut on a hot sunny summer weekend.  All photos were taken by Josi’s drone.

The road has been recently graded so it’s much better, almost Honda CRV level up to the trail head. There was a large machine further up the road, making more road, so it looks like there will be more logging, and maybe our access road will not be deactivated any time soon.

There were many cars up there, about seven at our trail head and a further half dozen down at the Cypress turnoff, and a huge number (40?) down at Henrietta Lake. Most of the people were not planning to stay at our hut; maybe a dozen hiked up to the hut and then came back down, as day trippers. Could this explain why our outhouse fills so fast? There may have been a dozen tenting around Brew Lake.

We got perfect blue sky and it was really hot. In spite of this, Brew Lake was deemed to be too cold to swim in, though others felt otherwise. I guess that’s what happens when you get hooked on hot springs. At 2 am it was warm enough to venture out of the hut wearing nothing but boots.  The two drinking water pools still had ice in them, so were deemed too cold for immersion.

Brew Lake

Brew Lake looking peaceful

Playing with the Drone

Flying the drone at Brew Lake

Happy People at Brew

There were two couples up there, friendly, happy people, plus a high-output med student who climbed Cypress. One had a camera that used FILM!


Brew from Drone #3

Hut from drone, looking east

Brew from Drone #2

Hut from drone, looking west

Brew from Drone #1

Sunset  lighting

Some projects for future work-type trips

Windows need cleaning. Scenery was awesome, so we need clean windows.

We could rearrange some rocks to make a nice trail down to the outhouse. The outhouse is in good shape and seems to have vast capacity. There was a lot of fly ash from burning toilet paper.

The woodshed is stuffed with firewood. There is spare firewood which will get buried under snow, about the same amount as in the woodshed. Some of the spare firewood was recognized as wood we cut in 2016.

We carried down the old aluminum pot that we used to pour the foundations 12 years ago. I will buy a new pot suitable for abuse at the hut.

We drained the money box and brought down $150.



Doug and Josi slept on top of Brew, to facilitate taking sunrise pictures with her drone.

Sleeping atop Mt Brew #1

Top of Brew as seen by drone

Sleeping atop Mt Brew #2

Sleeping? on top of Mt Brew

Conclusions:  It’s a good place to visit.  Give it a try!




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  1. Taniya Adak says:

    Cool pictures!

  2. Roland Burton says:

    Thanks, Taniya. It’s good to know that somebody reads this stuff.

  3. Philippe LeBillon says:

    Beautiful colours and the vertical shots give a dreamy feeling. Fun to see!

  4. Duncan Pawson says:

    Unreal photos! Always cool to get an aerial perspective

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