Wasted Long Weekend

The original plan was to go towards the Harrison Hut and investigate the new start of trail recommended by the loggers. But the Key Committee wasn’t able to acquire keys (they are still working on this, though).

Another plan for the long weekend was to visit Pitt Hot Spring. I realized that this was not my kind of trip because I am not rated for 26 km of canoeing plus 22 km of biking, then repeating all this the next day. Lack of cars, lack of canoes, and probably the hot springs being flooded, eventually drowned this trip, but it had nine committed people, so there seemed to be some demand for a hot spring trip.

So what to do? I proposed this plan: Drive to the Phelix trail head or as close as we can get (snow?), investigate the road, then go “fast and light” to Phelix with snowshoes, check for any dead trees that want to be firewood, take a few pictures in the hut for the people planning to put in a chimney, then hike out and drive to Skook Hot Spring to spend the night. Advantages included car camping, hot springs, and accomplishing something which could be called useful. Disadvantages included too much driving and we’d have to go fast and light.

So what happened? Originally I had more keen people than would fit in the Jeep. But #6 got a better offer. #5 remembered an appointment on Sunday. #4 decided to study. #3 had to go to a party the night before. #2 decided we didn’t have enough people to justify all the driving. #1, myself decided I wasn’t into doing all this by myself. So trip didn’t go.

I’m off to Wreck Beach, where the sun shines, the people aren’t so busy, and my carbon footprint is pretty tiny. But there’s no hot springs.


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