Wreck Beach, Pancakes, Sept 12

This trip was all about Snow White and the seven dwarfs. Leader Sophia Collins was Snow White. Usually we have about equal amounts of male and female participants but this time it just didn’t happen. I was one of the seven male dwarfs (actually more like 12, I didn’t count).

I arrived at the top of trail 6, pretty much on time. The dwarfs were all there and when I asked if they were the pancake eaters, they replied “yes”. Snow White arrived and made us walk down the stairs and towards trail 7 along the foreshore trail. I tried to explain that I was a Certified Wreck Beach Guide and we were entering the gay beach, which used to be known affectionately as the fruit loop, but we were walking a bit faster than I usually walk and I was out of breath.

Eventually we were allowed to stop and Snow got out her propane stove, frying pan, pancake mix (Western Family brand), water, mixing bowl, syrup, a couple of plates. Most VOC’ers don’t smoke so a lighter could be very important. Most people did not bring plates or utensils so applying syrup to the pancakes might have caused seriously sticky hands. People introduced themselves. The chosen site was a bit windy and the stove might have been having a bit of trouble with the wind so I tried to rearrange some driftwood and this may be why a couple of pancakes may have had a bit of sand in them. Sorry about that. As the pancake batter was drawing to a close I left the party so I don’t know what happened after then.

What did we learn from this trip?  Wreck Beach trips are very low carbon footprint if you live on Campus. You can avoid the naked people if you are afraid of naked people, by arriving early. We learned the names of some of the new members and what they hoped to do with the club. Seems to be lots of interest in bike riding of various sorts, and lift skiing. No obvious keenness about glacier school or even rock party. I did not detect enthusiasm for a trip to one of our huts or to a hot spring. There didn’t seem to be very many old members. Maybe they don’t like pancakes. We learned that pancakes are a lot of bother and maybe it should have been advertised as “we are going down to the beach to eat cookies”. Anyway, thanks Sophia, for making this happen. For all you people who are offended by this trip report please line up over there to the right, and next time, you write the trip report.


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