Manning Park – Frosty. 2015 Oct 24

      Though this was not exactly a VOC trip, it still qualifies to have a trip report because people reading it might learn enough that they could repeat the trip if they want. Mt Frosty is one of my favourites.

      We were Roland, Carla, and Roland’s sister Phyllis. We left Vancouver Friday morning and after the usual pee breaks, snack breaks, gasoline breaks, arrived at Manning Park Lodge at noon. We bought our back country permit for $15, drove to Lightning Lakes parking lot, and were walking by 12:30. The trail is excellent, around 6.5 km to Frosty Camp. It wasn’t particularly warm; there was frost extruded out of the ground in many places along the trail, and this stuff did not thaw all day. Frosty Camp consists of a very rustic log cabin, and the only drinking water on the trip, a rather teeny stream.

      It was surprisingly cold at the camp site. There was no sign that the sun ever shone there, and there was a fire pit, quite unusual for a Provincial Park. We soon had a fire going, which was a Good Thing. We decided to put up the tent inside the log cabin, as we could avoid having to carry down a wet tent in case it rained or snowed on us. The dirt floor in the cabin sloped a bit and we should have arranged the tent more carefully so that we didn’t roll over onto each other during the night. I slid off my mat at least a million times. The night was rather long and not too warm.

      Morning happened eventually and we set off for Frosty. The larches had dropped their golden needles, except for a few stragglers, but otherwise the scenery was excellent. We saw a couple of small snow patches, about the size of pocket handkerchiefs. Eventually we got to the top, and stayed for a short while at the rock-walled tent site where I had had a relationship with a pika a few years ago. No pika this time. On the way down we saw several parties of day trippers, and nobody staying over night at Frosty Camp. We packed up the tent and headed down the trail enthusiastically, but became somewhat less enthusiastic later on, as the trail seemed longer on the way down. Dinner at the newish “Drive In” in Hope, was perhaps better than average.

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