Seeking Snow at Taylor Meadows Nov 20-22

Following a sensible amount of automotive and logistical trouble 7 VOCers successfully made it to the rubble creek parking lot early Saturday morning. Filled with aspirations to make some turns 1000 meters above, they braved the dangerously boring switchbacks up to taylor meadows with skis on their back. What greeted them atop was blue bird skies, warm sunshine, another few VOCers out for a day trip, and a hankering for some lunch. After this interlude, they dropped off their tents figuring they should maximize the short lived daylight for skiing and they headed for the hills.

What started out as a small hike with the intention to yo-yo in some glades, through the inspiration of the superb weather, magnificent vistas, and general good vibes, turned into a skin to one of the sub peaks of black tusk. The crew reached their destination with a backdrop of the sun setting, illuminating lake garibaldi, the tantalus mountain range, howe sound, and black tusk in a pleasant alpine glow. After some merriment, group photos, layering and snacks, they started their decent.

What had been softened snow on the way up had started to harden with the cooling temperatures of the setting sun. However, there were still some nice turns to be found. Breaking through tougher crust the group made their way down and back to taylor meadows.

Tents were set, dinner was cooked (in the cabin disappointingly chillier than the outside), and although conversation and tea were nice, the luxury to fall asleep by 8pm could not be ignored. The clear skis and large moon, silhouetting black tusk first had to be acknowledged and admired.


The morning after began with a pleasantly early start. Once bellies were full of oatmeal, and avy probs were checked, the crew once again set out for a day of turns. This time panorama ridge was the destination. Within time constraints and lack of decent prospects for snow however, that target was dropped and it was settled to turn left, back into the foothills of black tusk. The snow seemed much more pleasant, soft and deep, which also leant to avalanche concerns. After some testing of the snow it was deemed acceptable and ready for some skiing. Not before some lunch and soaking of sun however. The snow did lend itself to some rather wonderful turns in its slushiness. Unfortunately, that run was about all that was affordable under the budget of daylight, and the group decided to head back to deconstruct camp.


With bags once again filled with gear the decent down the rubble creek switchbacks began. Skiing far past what anyone concerned for the bases of their skis should, the group was eventually stopped by the absence of any snow to justify staying on skis. With shoulders burdened with the weight of skis, they made it down the second half of the trail, reaching the parking lot just as it had gotten dark.

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