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A Sunny Fall Trip to Golden Ears Peak (late) Nov 11, 2018

Perhaps it was the unseasonably sunny weekend forecast, or perhaps it was the excitement to see and feel snow as winter approached. For some reason, we were craving a snowy summit this weekend. We set our eyes on a two-day … Continue reading

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Companion Rescue Drills

Saturday December 2nd, 8 VOC members went towards Garibaldi Provincial Park for some avalanche rescue practice, skiing and touring. The morning weather in Vancouver was rainy, which indicated potential snowy weather in the mountains. The group gathered at McDonalds in … Continue reading

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Metal Rods and Metal Domes; How I confirmed I have truly amazing friends

WARNING 1: this article contains gratuitous quantities of sentimental mushiness. Though in the authors opinion its probably still not enough… WARNING 2: This article contains a couple fairly graphic descriptions of a pretty mangled leg. Especially those of the parental … Continue reading

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Seeking Snow at Taylor Meadows Nov 20-22

Following a sensible amount of automotive and logistical trouble 7 VOCers successfully made it to the rubble creek parking lot early Saturday morning. Filled with aspirations to make some turns 1000 meters above, they braved the dangerously boring switchbacks up … Continue reading

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Brew Hut debacle lives up to its name

The day started bright and early, with my pack readied the night before and my lovingly prepared sandwiches, avy gear, and flask of rum ready by the door. This being my first VOC trip other than Longhike (which according to … Continue reading

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Chronicles of Taylor Meadows Nov 12-13

It was 5:30am and the sun showed no signs of rising. A brave group of adventurers were waking up and preparing to embark on a journey that would take them to them to Taylor Meadows in search of the fabled … Continue reading

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Halloween October Turns at the Tusk

Trip Report By: Kimble Mooney The awkward silence of waiting for volunteers to write the trip report echoes in faint memory, as I now attempt to recall and summarize a rather epic early season adventure. I guess it really all starts with that ominous feeling that … Continue reading

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Cinder Cone and Black Tusk via Helm Creek

Word on the street had it there was already decent snow in them thar hills near Black Tusk this early in the season. Together with my partners in crime, the intrepid Katherine and Breanne, we concocted a plot to take … Continue reading

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The Pre Brew Debacle Brew Debacle

Last week Katherine and I were trying to figure out what to do with our weekend. We knew we wanted to ski and we figured that this early season, we should stick to someplace where we know what the ground … Continue reading

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Brew Trail work hike Sept 24-25

We began the trip by meeting up at the Squamish Tim Hortons, where old members reminisced and new members stood around a bit awkwardly, before driving up the harrowing road up to the Roe Creek trail head. Adriana, who by … Continue reading

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