How to write a Trip Report

Try and figure out what you want to say. This isn’t easy when you are half brain dead from the weekend’s outings, but don’t wait too long or you will forget the details. A trip report can be informative or it can be entertaining, or if you are lucky it can be both.

Once I know what I want to say, I create a text document using my word processor and once I get all the spelling errors out, correct things that don’t make sense etc, I can paste it to WordPress (WP) using the “Submit a Trip Report” link.

Now comes the tricky part. I want pictures, right? Pictures are pretty. Or gnarly. Or whatever you want them to say (figure out what you want them to say).

After spending about an hour trying to put pictures in using the procedures that WP provides, I found that this works.

I don’t know how, or even if possible,  to post pictures from my sources (my computer)  directly to WP:


but I can post pictures via the VOC Photo Album, like this:

First, create a VOC photo album for yourself.  Or if you have one, create a new sub-album.  Load all the photos you need into the sub-album.  Painful, but follow the hints.  Be patient.

Now, simply display the right-size picture you want to insert, select “copy image”, go to your WP document and ctrl-v will paste in the picture.  Save the WP doc and repeat until all the pics are in.



Once the pics are in, you might want to bold or underline headings, create bullet points, numbered lists, or whatever using the WP features.

Adding Links, for instance to other trip reports.  Paste the address you want to link to, hilight it, then click on the link icon and the address will turn into a link.

Publishing your report. Certain VOC Exec people have permission to publish your report. They are supposed to check that you are not posting something illegal, immoral, or likely to give the Club a bad name. Remember, this stuff can be seen by everybody.  Once your TR is done, better email somebody and tell them that you have a TR that needs publishing.

Make sure that everybody can see your report by logging out of the web site and then checking that your pictures, especially, show up.

Congratulations, and thanks for writing a trip report.  Now all the people reading it can feel bad about missing your trip.

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