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Skier Triggered at Cayoosh

Synopsis: While three out of five members of our party are digging a pit, a skier from another party cuts the slope above, triggering a size 1 avalanche.  We get out of the way and are unharmed.  Obscenities are exchanged. … Continue reading

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Welcome to Aid

At some point, Chris and I decided we wanted to spend two days climbing University Wall.  Like most silly plans, it sounds ludicrous at first, but somehow certain to happen. Having only aid climbing a few pitches each, we figured … Continue reading

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Bike Touring the Sunshine Coast

April 12-15, 2015 Participants: two days only, Aga, Tom, Artem; four days: Jeff, Brody, Lucy This is the first trip I’ve organized in a while, and my first bike tour ever, so I guess being the novice, the onus is … Continue reading

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New Years at Phelix

Philip, Olek, Annie, and I headed up on the 30th.  We left Vancouver a full two hours after everyone else, but none the less, reunited at the trailhead with the big crowd.  Breanne was supposed to be coming from across … Continue reading

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