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Brilliant Larches and Cheeky Birds in Manning Park

The best part of this VOC trip to EC Manning Provincial Park is that besides the main goal (getting to the top of Frosty Mountain), we also wanted to see the magnificent Alpine Larch trees that characterize Canadien autumns. Once … Continue reading

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Trip vignette: back to Lizzie

VOC-types do lots of trips, but there aren’t many trip reports because confused people think trip reports need to be intense or novel. This is why I am (probably re-) introducing the “trip vignette:” a short highlights-and-jokes trip report that … Continue reading

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Escape from Alpaca’s Ass on Canada Day weekend (late)

It took me way too long to publish this trip report, but since I keep being harassed about publishing it, I guess here it finally is (it was mostly written just after the trip). As with any trip involving bushwacking, there … Continue reading

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Cognac Peak

Participants: Devlin Mottershead, Jeff Mottershead On September 30th we were heading up to Cognac Peak. It was a mix of rain and snow, which made the glacier way less annoying to ski on. On the glacier there were holes and … Continue reading

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Harrison Hut Door & Floor Workhike

After many many months of planning the Harrison Hut renovations, Kevin Boland, Haley Foladare, Devon Campbell, Roland Burton, Dave Burton, Anna Szeitz and I were successful at installing the new door and floor to the Hut! Thursday: Roland, Haley and Dave set out in the Jeep early in … Continue reading

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G2: oh Shucks, Son, we almost made it (Mt. Shuksan pre-summit)

September 9-10, 2017 Eight hopeful glacier enthusiasts wake up Saturday morning to expand their glacier-travel skills and attempt to conquer Mt. Shuksan. Zack Wentz leads the group, but also includes a Swiss Mountaineer for 16 years, Pascale Vonaesch, who was … Continue reading

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Harrison Helicopter Sept 15-17

Executive Summary: The bridge, plywood, and door were all delivered by helicopter. Chain saw was hauled up and left at the hut. The bridge was assembled. The load of garbage was flown out. The old bridge was not flown out … Continue reading

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Prussiks and Pulleys: Hauling VOCass at the Anniversary Glacier [Glacier School 2]

By: Elliott Skierszkan and Alberto Contreras-Sanz Sept 9-10, 2017 The Participants: Julien Renard (Leader), Caitlin Schneider (Leader), Matthew Van Ootsdam, Alberto Contreras-Sanz, Andrew Cavers, Elliott Skierszkan Looking for help to pull someone out from a 15-m deep crevasse? We’ve got … Continue reading

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38 years in the making – Mt Birdwood via Lizzie’s Ridge

Mt Birdwood is a limestone mountain in the Canadian Rockies located in the Kananaskis area. The peak stands at 3097m in elevation. There are two established routes to the summit, The NW Ridge (II, 5.5) and the less common Lizzie’s … Continue reading

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Watersprite Lake and Gibson peak

Trip date (Aug 12-13/2017) Watersprite Lake and Gibson Peak VOC Trip The journey began early Saturday morning when myself (Glen) and Mike picked up our car mates and took off for the weekend. We met briefly at Galileo’s Café at … Continue reading

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