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Trips which involve building/maintaining our huts and trails

Trail Clearing to Lizzie Creek Cabin

Reports from the previous season described the ski access to Lizzie creek cabin as very slow going due to lots of partially buried alder, so Yyen Gallup, Michael Spagnut, and I set out with chainsaws to try and improve the … Continue reading

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Accidental Brew Debacle (A Workhike?)

With beautiful weather in the forecast, and fond memories of the last weekend clearing alder in the rain (see, Ross Campbell did his best to motivate people into another work hike with the promised allure of skiing and a … Continue reading

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Phelix Firewood and Outhouse

Not having been up there since we installed the solar lighting this summer, I wanted to know if the lights still worked. I also wanted to know if the loggers had put up another one of those miserable yellow gates, … Continue reading

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Phelix Hut Solar Lighting Installation

We drove up Friday afternoon, June 11th, dining at Pemberton Macdonalds as usual, spent about an hour removing the usual slide on the road at 0.6km, then drove to around 5km, the place where we park. There we found a … Continue reading

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Phelix Hut April 21-22

Around 9 am Tuesday I got an email which said “let’s go to Phelix Hut”. I replied that I’d like to, but first I have to make sure Carla isn’t planning something. It turned out that Carla was staying in … Continue reading

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Burton (Sphinx) Hut “Workhike” September 5-7, 2020

By Melissa Bernstein, with help from Cassandra Elphinstone and Ross Campbell I never thought my first trip to Garibaldi Lake would be what went down on this trip. Before this trip, I had only been up to Garibaldi Park once, … Continue reading

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Brew wood haul 12/09/2020

The trip was originally going to be trail maintenance near Harrison hut but due to complications we switched to Brew. I’ve never been to Harrison and was looking forward to being with acquainted with a new hut, but visiting old … Continue reading

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Paddlers vs Squatters- A Garbage Wars Story.

Me-”My car is much happier  without the hobo mattresses inside” Alana: “That’s a quote of the day…” In late April a couple friends and I went for a drizzly day paddle up Fraser river. Generally not top destination for either … Continue reading

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A UVic Interloper Learns the True Meaning of Faffing About on Mt Brew [Workhike]

Mostly written by my cousin and workhike participant Teagan Dawson (a non-VOC member…gasp), with posting and contributions from me (Declan). As a newcomer to the VOC, this workhike up the old Mt Brew trail was eye opening in a number … Continue reading

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Mystery of the Stove

Trip report for: [workhike] HMVDITTRAH 2019 – 4th annual How Many VOCers Does It Take To Replace A Helicopter? Mystery of the Stove Written by: John Wragg As this was my first ever VOC trip i was more than ready … Continue reading

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