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TBT 4: Bugaboo Epic — A Climber’s Story (1995)

Summer mountaineering season is here and whispers of far off peaks can be heard amongst the VOCers. It’s THE time to get outside and do those iconic lines you’ve been drooling over all winter. One way to get inspired on … Continue reading

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TBT3: Mikey’s Offwidth Journal (2002)

Summertime is here in full swing and it’s time to scope out projects and things to do. Like many mislead souls in the past I’ve set my sights on Pipeline and am terrified. I’ve compiled a Squamish Offwidths Checklist for … Continue reading

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TBT2: The Co-op and the Alpine Fastbuck (1971)

Editors Note: This week for TBT I pulled up rather humorous reflection about the beginnings of our favorite Canadian outdoor gear cooperative, MEC. Founded by dirtbag VOCers back in 1971, mainly to save money and buy cheap gear without having … Continue reading

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TBT1: Unusual Climbs in Garibaldi (1958)

The VOC is turning 100 next year, as Archivist I thought it would be cool to revisit some old VOC Journals and archives to share some of the interesting stories and articles we’ve accumulated. I’m hoping to find stories which … Continue reading

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