Black Tusk Meadows

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Using This Ski Guide Preface Winter Safety Avalanche safety
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Difficulty Rating Intermediate
NTS Mapsheet 92 G/14
Road <3km/<30mins
Trail 7.5km/3hrs to Taylor Meadows
Starting Elevation 410m or 610m if the road is driveable
High Point Black Tusk Meadows: 1650m East knob: 2100m
Technical Notes Day trip, Shelter in Taylor meadows
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The Rubble Creek turnoff for the Garibaldi Lake Trail is located about midway between Squamish and Whistler (Google Map), about 250km return. There is a prominent sign, Garibaldi - Black Tusk trailhead, indicating the turnoff. The road leads about 2km to the parking lot at approximately 600m elevation. Only the first 400m of this road is normally plowed in winter, up to a private driveway. Do not block access to this private driveway when parking along the road.


From the parking lot a well maintained trail switch-backs up the slope beside Rubble Creek. At 6km is a sign posted junction; take the left fork to Taylor Meadows and Black Tusk Meadows (right for Garibaldi Lake). The trail is poorly marked after entering the meadows, but not too difficult to follow. Ski eastward to reach the picnic shelter, campground and outhouses at Taylor Meadows. The upper meadows, Panorama Ridge and Black Tusk may be reached by continuing to the east. These objectives are strenuous day trips from the car.

Ski runs

Gladed terrain directly above the Taylor Meadows campground offers some nice sheltered tree skiing - a good choice when the weather is poor or the avalanche hazard is high. The ridge can be followed right up to the West Knob.

Black tusk meadows is 2km past Taylor Meadows on the main route. There is a large prominent clearing, above which are several excellent ski runs of up to 450m vertical drop. The summit of the East Knob is a good objective when approached from it's SW side. There are also good several ski runs on similar slopes a little farther east.

Panorama Ridge has attractive ski terrain on it's north side. It's a little farther away than the east knob, so is more suitable as an overnight trip.


  1. Avalanches. ATES ratings given by the Canadian Avalanche Association are "Simple" for the trail to Taylor Meadows, "Challenging" for Black Tusk Meadows and Panorama Ridge and "Complex" for the steep slopes below the Black Tusk.

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