Omer lakes

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This article contains old out of date information from an early 1990s edition of the VOC Ski guide. Road conditions may have changed considerably since this article was written.
VOC Ski Guide
Using This Ski Guide Preface Winter Safety Avalanche safety
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Difficulty Rating Intermediate
NTS Mapsheet 92 G/11
Road 4km/2hrs
Route 2km/2hrs
Starting Elevation 580m
High Point 1310m
Technical Notes Day trip/overnight
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Same as Loch Lomond


From the starting point for the Loch Lomond trip, contour to the right until Omer Creek is reached. Stay to right of the creek and follow it into an open bowl below Red Mountain. Cross the creek and traverse up to the trees below cliffs and left of the bowl. From the trees traverse up to a notch at the top of the bowl. From the trees traverse up to a notch at the top of the bowl. Omer Lake is just beyond. To continue beyond the lake, it is easier to stay on the left side. Mt. Sheer and the Mountain Lake Cabin are also accessible from here.


  1. Avalanches and falling ice in the bowl just below Omer Lake.
  2. Thin ice on lakes in late spring.

Trail Conditions