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Can One Faff on One’s Own? A Triple Crown Attempt

While I often try to minimize the faff, I must say faff seems to follow me around. Maybe this is because I am a fan of bike trips, and as my roommate, Gabrielle, likes to say “There always be faff … Continue reading

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(not the actual) Brew Debacle – Burns ’n Turns 2019

As I walked into the clubroom on Monday afternoon I was asked “Did you go on Burns ‘n Turns?”. After replying that I had, all eyes turned to hear the tale of the five broken bindings, the broken knee, the … Continue reading

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Halloweekend at Phelix Hut

I woke up on Saturday morning around 4:00am in a daze of nerves but mostly excitement about going on my first real VOC trip. Else picked me up and soon we were on the Sea to Sky highway headed to … Continue reading

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