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Bear Mountain: a remedy for clueless ambition

July 29-31 2017 Bear Mountain lies several kilometers south-east of Chilliwack lake, past the US border. Caitlin and I first got a glimpse of it a year ago from the summit of Mt Redoubt, which lies just north of it. … Continue reading

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Liberty Ridge July 2017

Where: Mt. Rainier, Liberty Ridge When: 28th June – 3rd July 2017 Who: Caitlin Schneider, Julien Renard, Enrique Colom├ęs This is the report of, probably, a precipitated trip to Mt. Rainier. Julien and Caitlin returned from Hawaii the 22nd, and … Continue reading

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Close, but no Cigar: a Winter Attempt on Gunsight Peak

Participants: Caitlin Schneider, Julien Renard Gunsight peak, named after the prominent notch on its summit ridge (also called In-SHUCK-ch peak by some), lies on the north-east side of Garibaldi park, with its east slope dropping all the way down to … Continue reading

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Crevasse rescue practice June 2016

Caitlin Schneider and I (Julien Renard) went to the Wedgemount glacier to practise crevasse rescues. Are you confident travelling on a glacier? Can you self-arrest? Can you rescue people out of a crevasse? While these are perfectly valid questions to … Continue reading

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The Misty Icefield Traverse (April 20-28)

On April 20, Piotr Forysinski, Ben SP, Clemens Adolphs, Stephanie Grothe and I (Julien Renard) decided to put an end to the month long email faff that was threatening to overload my email account and finally go explore the Misty … Continue reading

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