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A Hard Lesson About a Soft Rock

This is the story of the time I fell 10m, ripped all 3 pieces of gear, and caught myself on an Arbutus tree at my belayers feet over a 20m drop. Lesson of the day: limestone is not granite; it does not hold … Continue reading

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Car-less Sky Pilot Solo

Disclaimer: Soloing is dangerous. Stay well within your ability level, always tell someone where you’re going, have a back up plan.      Or just don’t do it. December 14th 2017 I had just finished my last exam and was finally … Continue reading

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Asulkan Valley Base Camp

The original scheme for this trip was to ski some big lines in one of the more seldom visited, but undeniably magnificent areas of Southwest BC; The Tantalus Range. In the days leading up to the pre-trip however, conditions were … Continue reading

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The time we “didn’t” climb Siwash Rock

The following TR is entirely hypothetical and the pictures are photoshopped, probably. “Siwash itself is not a quality climb – using the standard ‘star’ system of quality ratings it wouldn’t get even half of a star” – How could … Continue reading

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