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Paddlers vs Squatters- A Garbage Wars Story.

Me-”My car is much happier¬† without the hobo mattresses inside” Alana: “That’s a quote of the day…” In late April a couple friends and I went for a drizzly day paddle up Fraser river. Generally not top destination for either … Continue reading

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Two out of Three-Triple Peak on Labor day.

Mountains on the island are something of an enigma to¬†many mainlanders,myself included. Mostly because the ferries make logistics a pain and we have lots of pointy things to climb on this side of the pond, on both sides of the … Continue reading

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Inspiration in the clouds – Eldorado Peak, North Cascades

I first heard about Eldorado from a friend in Seattle area. The photo of the snow arete instantly grabbed my attention and after a bit of homework, it was added to my short list of objectives for near future. Eldorado … Continue reading

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Good times on bad rock-Blanchard Needle in July.

Rising to a modest 1550m, Blanchard is not the tallest of the peaks in the area, but to me it always held significance as the pointy objective in my own backyard. I see it driving back home to PoCo, and … Continue reading

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Flora peak -a walk in the sunshine.

With the weekend a couple days away, forecast for Saturday turned from questionable to complete crap, eliminating plans of an overnight trip and an alternative plan was needed. Thankfully Sunday was forecasted to be sunny and warm, conducive to a … Continue reading

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