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Glacier school 2020 John Wragg’s Perspective

Out the door and into my vehicle the rain began to patter from above, the forecast for rain was proving to be fulfilled. It was only in line with traditional Voc Glacier instructional trips. passengers in tow we headed to … Continue reading

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Solo gear testing trip on a very wet Mt Seymour Oct 11th

Do note a lot of these lessons are mostly for myself, if you learn something from it then that’s sweet! I woke up to the sound of rain pouring outside. A smile creeped across my face. I’ve always secretly loved … Continue reading

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Brew wood haul 12/09/2020

The trip was originally going to be trail maintenance near Harrison hut but due to complications we switched to Brew. I’ve never been to Harrison and was looking forward to being with acquainted with a new hut, but visiting old … Continue reading

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Mystery of the Stove

Trip report for: [workhike] HMVDITTRAH 2019 – 4th annual How Many VOCers Does It Take To Replace A Helicopter? Mystery of the Stove Written by: John Wragg As this was my first ever VOC trip i was more than ready … Continue reading

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