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Walking Meditation, Contemplation, and Reflection in the Lizzie area

People: Caitlin Schneider, Vincent Hanlon, Birgit Rogalla July 1-4, 2021 It took till shoulder season to finally write up this trip report for a 4-day horseshoe loop up to Lizzie Cabin and along ridges to the Meditation/Battleship lakes area. Looking … Continue reading

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An unusual pairing: ski touring and ice fishing

A few summers ago, Ross Campbell, Natalie Makepeace, Gabe Frame, and I had quite the adventure circumnavigating Garibaldi Lake. Near the start of the trip, a bear broke into our bear hang and ate a large portion of our food. … Continue reading

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A sodden boot, or ways to sabotage a trip

Nowadays, Vincent Hanlon has abandoned BC and pledged allegiance to the province of Alberta for fieldwork in the Rockies. Occasionally he gets to visit BC for a few days to be reminded why he should make sure to come back. … Continue reading

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Escape from Alpaca’s Ass on Canada Day weekend (late)

It took me way too long to publish this trip report, but since I keep being harassed about publishing it, I guess here it finally is (it was mostly written just after the trip). As with any trip involving bushwacking, there … Continue reading

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An ascent of the Nipple

Participants: Cassandra Elphinstone, Kike Colomes-Capon, Vincent Hanlon, Mirko Moeller, Birgit Rogalla Date: March 25-26 2017 The Nipple is located near the small town of Boston Bar, north of Hope. Despite its titillating name, it is one of the least flagrant … Continue reading

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Stein Valley traverse

August 29 – September 4 Participants: Elisa Bjerre, Cassandra Elphinstone, Vincent Hanlon, Birgit Rogalla Day 1 — Trailhead to Lean-To camp Written by Elisa To our surprise we found ourselves at the trailhead of the Stein Valley Traverse near Lytton … Continue reading

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Lakes, glaciers, snow & sledding at Joffre Lakes and Tszil Peak

June 25 – 26, 2016 Participants: Kimmy Hofer, Brenden Bantayen, Scott MacDonald, Birgit Rogalla, Kelsey Miller, Alannah Wallace, Kevin Boland, Bailey Ramsey, Rebecca Frederick, Eric Wilson, Chrisel Brako, Steve Cabral, Dmitri Oguz, Cauchy Lee, Theresa Pauly, Rebekke Schulze Trip report written … Continue reading

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Ice worms, rain, and burning skins – “Interesting” Skiing on the Pemberton Icecap

Pemberton Icefield traverse May 20-23, ~60km, lots of elevation Mike Cancilla, Luca Malaguti, Ross Campbell, Birgit Rogalla Following an email discussion, preparations for this trip started on Monday night (May 16th) when we all met up at the Veenstras’ place … Continue reading

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