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Car unsticking trip

Seeing as the weather was so nice, a group of 12ish VOCers decided to spend the weekend up at the Joffre Lakes parking lot unsticking cars. There’s a lot to say about this particular parking lot. Even though half of … Continue reading

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Pinecone Burke Traverse August 2017

I know, I know, it’s late. This trip happened in August, we wrote the VOCJ article in December, and we still haven’t posted it as a trip report. But here it is, at last—and with lots of extra pictures! Richard … Continue reading

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Trip vignette: back to Lizzie

VOC-types do lots of trips, but there aren’t many trip reports because confused people think trip reports need to be intense or novel. This is why I am (probably re-) introducing the “trip vignette:” a short highlights-and-jokes trip report that … Continue reading

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A Lizzie Creek Workhike

Loyal workhikers: Alex Girard, Jeff Taylor, Filip Kilibarda, Mirko Moeller, Roland Burton, Taniya Adak, Jin Guo, Vincent Hanlon, Julien Renard, Erica Acton, Kasia Celler, Simon Litchwark, Lea Zhecheva This is going to be one of two trip reports about (the … Continue reading

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