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A Lizzie Creek Workhike

Loyal workhikers: Alex Girard, Jeff Taylor, Filip Kilibarda, Mirko Moeller, Roland Burton, Taniya Adak, Jin Guo, Vincent Hanlon, Julien Renard, Erica Acton, Kasia Celler, Simon Litchwark, Lea Zhecheva This is going to be one of two trip reports about (the … Continue reading

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Ossa Mountain Scramble

Exec Note: There are a few Trip Reports which got ‘forgotten’ at the pending stage on the website. Apologies that they weren’t published when they were submitted. We’ll release the few others like this over the coming weeks. With an … Continue reading

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Keyhole Hot Spring April 17-18

I wanted to get to Keyhole hot springs to make up for our unsuccessful trip last November, and perhaps hang some trail markers. It was on my “Summer Plans with VOC” list. Timing Weekends can be a bit of a … Continue reading

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My first ski traverse: or how I learned to ski ballet and had a rad weekend with five amigos!

April 9-10th, 2016 Trip participants: Clemens Adolphs, Elliott Skierszkan, Martin Cermak, Mirko Moeller, Jeremy Leal, and myself, Kasia Celler I’m not into making large goals lately, so I wasn’t too ambitious for this winter. I thought to myself that it would … Continue reading

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Blackcomb-Currie daytrip

Saturday, April 2nd. Normally, when trying to do a new (to me) ski traverse as a day-trip I end up spending far more time researching/planning the trip than I do on the trip itself (I think, for Tantalus it might … Continue reading

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Sooke Loop Recon

The way to the Island. As I expected the buses to the Tsawwassen Ferry Terminal were loaded with people and bicycles on the first day of Easter long weekend. I was planning to arrive at Bridgeport Station at 7:35 to … Continue reading

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Phelix, March 11-12

Preamble: Normally, I don’t write trip reports aside from an occasional drawing in a sketchbook; But maybe that’s a bad thing and maybe it’s feeding into the beginner friendly crisis. So here is one. Sometimes I get restless, usually when … Continue reading

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Another Brew Trip Feb 20-21

This was originally to be Anna Geller’s and my trip because we both have birthdays on Feb 20. I looked at the Huts Registration page and it said that there would be 8 people at the Hut. I emailed the … Continue reading

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Burns ‘n’ Turns 2016 Part I: Total Eclipse of Brew Hut By Bill Shmygol

Friday, 7:30 pm. I was solemnly resigned to the fact that I would not be able to find a ride to the Mt Brew Trail head and when my phone went off and Amanda cheerfully told me that she had … Continue reading

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New fire extinguishers for Phelix Hut Jan 15-17

Thanks to the lickety-split actions of a few VOC members, the attempt to burn down the Brian Waddington (aka Phelix) Hut on New Year’s Eve failed, however, the hut needed afterwards a pair of new fire extinguishers. So Tianna, Roland, … Continue reading

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