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A Minor Fiasco (Red Heather January 22)

Participants: Old, flappy Jeff Mottershead and Devlin Mottershead I’m supposed to be a climber, but even in the middle of summer my son, Devlin, would rather hike up to some random snow patch or glacier and get some turns in … Continue reading

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Spectacular Snow caving at Seymour

It was decided that the winter longhike this year was to be held at Seymour and the stoke was high. Very high in fact; there was such a demand that trip-organizer Byron Wilson had to increase the number of places … Continue reading

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A Moonlight Memorial Walk at Seymour

January 11, 2017 marked two years since we lost Neil Mackenzie and Steffi Grothe, two wonderful and inspiring club members in a tragic climbing accident on Joffre Peak that also claimed the life of Elena Cernicka. Many of our newer … Continue reading

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Metal Rods and Metal Domes; How I confirmed I have truly amazing friends

WARNING 1: this article contains gratuitous quantities of sentimental mushiness. Though in the authors opinion its probably still not enough… WARNING 2: This article contains a couple fairly graphic descriptions of a pretty mangled leg. Especially those of the parental … Continue reading

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Ice worms, rain, and burning skins – “Interesting” Skiing on the Pemberton Icecap

Pemberton Icefield traverse May 20-23, ~60km, lots of elevation Mike Cancilla, Luca Malaguti, Ross Campbell, Birgit Rogalla Following an email discussion, preparations for this trip started on Monday night (May 16th) when we all met up at the Veenstras’ place … Continue reading

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Tough beginners take on Mt. Rohr

Participants: Florian Speck, Lena Foerstel, Alberto Contreras Sanz, Natalie Makepeace, and Ross Campbell Date: 9th-10th Apr 2016   A week previously, after a long geographically enforced hiatus, I organised a beginner friendly ski trip to Zoa. 14 people came out … Continue reading

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Blackcomb-Currie daytrip

Saturday, April 2nd. Normally, when trying to do a new (to me) ski traverse as a day-trip I end up spending far more time researching/planning the trip than I do on the trip itself (I think, for Tantalus it might … Continue reading

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New Year Fiasco in Kootenay. Part 2

Do you know that feeling when you first get up in the morning and for several seconds have no idea where you are or how you got there? I had this same feeling that morning just before I completely woke … Continue reading

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Jasper ER–March 14, 2016

In some sense this doesn’t qualify as being a real trip report, since it involves chair lifts, and ambulances have motors, but it’s probably something most VOCers can relate to, as most end up resorting to resorts at some point. … Continue reading

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A ‘Spearhead Traverse’ that Became Deep at Steep Creek

March 12-13, 2016 This began as a call by Ian Johnston to repeat last year’s stellar mid-march Spearhead Traverse, which we completed under sunny skies and impeccable weather. However, in stark contrast to 2014-2015’s dry and sunny winter, it appears … Continue reading

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