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Hawaiian Hollyburn Snowshoe

On Saturday February 25th 15 keen VOCers headed to Hollyburn for some beginner friendly snowshoeing. Even though the spring and summer isn’t in sight and it’s mid winter we were all ready for the beach and everybody brought warm Hawaiian vibes with them. … Continue reading

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Another Lizzie Workhike

To me this trip definitely wasn’t another Lizzie Workhike, but in fact my very first VOC experience. The trip was a wonderful start of a year that I hope will be filled with as many VOC adventures as possible. Firstly … Continue reading

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Snow Caves on Seymour January 23

Tr Caves Here’s a brief summary of what I saw on our snow caves trip. The rest of the cavers aren’t down yet, but I hope they will post their experiences. Some of it might be useful for people organizing … Continue reading

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Ice Climbing in the Rockies. With Mountains, Frost Bite and Albertan Culture.

Part 1: Driving, Driving and more Driving.  And some Ice. BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEEEP! I awoke with the cardiac arrest I associate with all alarm clocks.   It was 7:30, 23rd December 2015, the morning after my last exam and the subsequent … Continue reading

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I waited for my fellow trip member’s car to arrive, all snugly packed with fancy equipment. I wore almost all the warm clothes I owned, uncertain of how cold it would be. This being my first experience being in snow … Continue reading

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Early spring trudge to Elfin Hut

On a Thursday morning, Feb. 19th, a newly inducted VOC member Kelsey Miller (and myself) took off from Vancouver in her ol’ boat of a Chrysler.  We made the lovely morning drive along the Sea-to-Sky, and arrived at the Elfin/Diamond … Continue reading

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Brew Hut debacle lives up to its name

The day started bright and early, with my pack readied the night before and my lovingly prepared sandwiches, avy gear, and flask of rum ready by the door. This being my first VOC trip other than Longhike (which according to … Continue reading

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Playing in the Snow: Snowshoeing at Taylor Meadows

It all began with a girl who really likes to play in the snow and who wanted to take a break from all that studying for finals: On Saturday, Dec 7, 2013, Anne Darby took a brave group of snowshoers … Continue reading

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